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Short-Term Rental Information

Owners who rent their home or condominium are required to pay the Civic Assessment and the Lodging Civic Assessment to BCRC. If your home or condominium is managed by a property management company they will usually collect and remit the assessments for you. However, it is the property owner’s responsibility to make sure the assessments are being paid.  Short term rentals require both Civic and Lodging Assessments to be submitted.

As you may know, BCRC was designed to maintain Beaver Creek as a unique resort community and is vested with a wide range of responsibilities including transportation, village maintenance, village security, village events, marketing and community quality. BCRC performs these functions for the common benefit of property owners and businesses within Beaver Creek.

In order to provide these services, BCRC collects assessments on all sales and short-term rentals within Beaver Creek. A Civic Assessment of 5.35% is charged on total sales and short term rentals and a Lodging Civic Assessment of .96% is charged on all short term rentals (less than thirty (30) days.) If a home or condo is rented to the same person or entity for thirty days or more it is considered a long-term rental and no assessments need to be collected.  There are also federal, state and local tax issues when an owner rents their property; it is advisable to contact a qualified property management specialist and tax advisor prior to renting.

If a home or condo is rented out for more than four (4) days in a month, the owner must also obtain a Beaver Creek Business License.  Click here for a Business License application: Beaver Creek Business License Regulation 1-23-20

To avoid penalties and interest, please submit your Civic and Lodging assessments as soon as possible.  If our office has sent a letter to you regarding assessments due, they are due immediately.  If assessments are not paid, our office may send a letter of intent to lien your property with an estimated amount of Civic and Lodging Assessments due based on the rental information we have.

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