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Business License Information:

As you may know, BCRC was designed to maintain Beaver Creek as a unique resort community and is vested with a wide range of responsibilities including transportation, village maintenance, village security, village events, marketing and community quality. BCRC performs these functions for the common benefit of property owners and businesses within Beaver Creek.

Individuals who conduct forms of business outlined in this document, are required to obtain a Beaver Creek Business License. The funding plan for the Resort Company was designed to be comprehensive and equitable for all its members. It recognizes the mixture of commercial, residential, and recreational activities within Beaver Creek. There are essentially six revenue sources:

  1. Common Assessments are annual fees based on the assessed valuation of your property times a mill rate established by the Resort Company Board annually; however, the rate has been capped at 20 mills. This assessment is billed on or before May of every year and is payable on or before June 30. The Resort Company Common Assessments do not replace usual property tax liabilities.
  2. Civic Assessments are special resort fees, which are based on 5.35% of your taxable sales.
  3. Mountain Special Assessment. Since lift tickets are not taxable under Colorado Law, a special equivalent fee of 5% of lift ticket sales in Beaver Creek is paid by Vail Associates to the Resort Company. This also applies to on-mountain restaurant revenues.
  4. Real Estate Transfer Assessment(RETA) is collected every time title to property is transferred. The assessment is equal to 2.375% of the fair market value.
  5. Recreation Assessmentis based on 5% of gross revenues from activities and services not taxable under Colorado Retail Sales Tax such as golf fees, tennis courts and lessons, ski school lessons, and horseback riding.
  6. Lodging Assessments are special resort fees, which are based on 0.96% of rental income.

If a home or condo is rented out for more than four (4) days in a month, the owner must also obtain a Lodging Beaver Creek Business License.  Click here for a Business License application: Beaver Creek Business License Regulation

To renew the annual business license, please use the following Renewal Application

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