Get Ready for Adventure

Eager Beaver Adventure Company

The Basics

1. Get Your Free Kit

Pick up a free Adventure Kit (contains an Adventure Guide booklet, a small pencil, and a Cookie Compass). Kits can be picked up at the Lost and Found/Guest Services office in the Village next to the Snow Globe and Ticket Office, or if you are staying at one of the following lodges, at the Front Desk:

2. Get Started

Begin your quest at the Super G Goggles station (marked by an X on the map in the center of your Adventure Guide).

3. Record Your Progress

Write down the “Puzzle Letter” from the sign in the empty boxes in your Adventure Guide.

4. Pay Attention to Instructions

Carefully read the instructions on the sign (very important!).

5. Solve the Puzzle

The answer will reveal a word or symbol. 

6. Next Station

Using this information, look on the map (on the sign or in your Adventure Guide) to find your next station.

7. Keep Solving

Continue solving puzzles and collecting letters IN ORDER to fill out the “Puzzle Phrase” in your Adventure Guide.

8. Finish

When you’ve solved all the puzzles and completed the phrase, you’re done!