Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Eager Beaver Adventure Co.?

The Eager Beaver Adventure Co. is an organization at Beaver Creek Resort that specializes in designing extraordinary adventures for curious families. These adventures involve secret codes, insider info, and hidden messages.

What is the game?

The game is a scavenger hunt-style activity that involves solving puzzles, breaking codes, and finding clues. The puzzles will lead you from one station to another, in order. At each station, you will collect a letter. Once you’ve solved all the puzzles and collected the letters, you will have a special code phrase that you will use to get a prize. 

What ages can play?

The game is designed for ages 7 and up, but anybody may participate if they like. It’s more fun (and a bit easier) if you solve it as a family or as a group. 

How long does it take?

It depends on how quickly you solve the puzzles! Your time may vary, but it usually takes between 1-2 hours.

Where are the stops?

The puzzle stations are distributed across the Beaver Creek Resort Village. You will explore the Village from the covered bridge to the ski lift area to the Ice Rink. You do not need to leave the Village, or cross any roads, to play.

What do I need to play?

Everything you need is inside the Eager Beaver Adventure Co. Adventure Kit. The kit contains a printed Adventure Guide booklet, a small pencil, and a “Cookie Compass” on a lanyard. You do not need a smartphone or any other electronic device to play.

Where do I get the Adventure Kit?

The Adventure Kits are available at resort hotel desks and seasonally available at Beaver Creek Guest Services.

Where do I end up?

You will find out where your adventure ends at the final puzzle station. 

What do I get? Is there a prize?

Yes, there is a prize! You will find out what it is upon completing your adventure.

Do I get to keep the Adventure Kit? Can I get more than one?

The Adventure Kit is yours to keep as a souvenir. We do ask that you only take one Adventure Kit per person.

Is it hard? What if I can’t finish?

Some puzzles are harder than others. If you need a hint, scan the QR code on the last page of your Adventure Guide for hints and solutions.

Do I have to finish it all at once?

You do not need to finish it all in one go! You can take a break and come back whenever you’re ready.

Is it free? Do I need to be a Beaver Creek Resort hotel guest?

Yes, it’s entirely free to play. You do not need to be staying on property to play.