Hints & Answers

Puzzle Hints & Answers

Super G Goggles

The ring of symbols is under the Super G Goggles seat. Line up the compass side of your Cookie Compass with the cookie outline in the middle. Where does the arrow point?

ANSWER: The snowflake symbol

The Ice Rink

There are 20 Beaver Creek logos. Use the Polybius Square in your Adventure Guide to find the symbol at the intersection of 2 & 0

ANSWER: The fire symbol

Generation BC

Find the alphabet blocks in the Generation BC store window. What do they spell?

ANSWER: The blocks spell B-I-R-D

Reflection Skis

Find the “Mysterious Symbol” in your Adventure Guide. Hold the symbol up to the edge of one of the mirrored skis along the dotted line like it shows in the Adventure Guide. Look at the symbol in the Adventure Guide and the reflection on the ski at the same time to see the full shape.

ANSWER: The down-facing arrow

The Covered Bridge

Look at the Beaver Creek Resort sign at the entrance to the covered bridge. Use the code 1 • 9 • 3 • 8 to find a word indicating your next stop. The number 1 means the first letter in “Beaver Creek Resort” (B), 9 means the ninth letter (E), etc. 

ANSWER: The answer is BEAR

Steve Fossett Plaque

Learn about the Ottendorf Cipher in your Adventure Guide and use it on the Steve Fossett Plaque to find your next stop. The first part of the code is 2-1, which means to find the 2nd line, 1st letter. The second line is “STEVE FOSSETT.” The first letter is “S.” Now do the same for the remaining number codes.

ANSWER: The answer is STAR

Art Gallery Hallway

Look for the projected snowflakes on the ground. One of the snowflake groupings has a symbol in the middle. That symbol is your next stop.

ANSWER: The infinity symbol

Lech, Austria Sign

Hold the compass side of your Cookie Compass up to the red circle with letters on the Lech, Austria sign. Line up the “N” on your Cookie Compass with the “N” on the sign. Figure out what the letters “GIIH” mean by finding those letters on the outside circle and seeing which letters align on your Cookie Compass.

ANSWER: The answer is MOON

Staircase by Hooked

Kneel down and look for a series of lighter-colored shapes painted on the front of the staircase steps. Shift your perspective until the shapes form a complete symbol.

ANSWER: The pine tree symbol

Patrol Dogs Sign

Find the morse code symbols on the Patrol Dogs sign. Use the Morse Code chart in the Adventure Guide to translate the symbols and find the word.

ANSWER: The answer is LEAF

Constellations Sign

Place your Cookie Compass, cookie side up, inside the dotted shape on the Constellations sign. Find the shape that’s made by the stars on the sign and the dark chocolate chips on your Cookie Compass.

ANSWER: The heart symbol